PIVOT POWER Charger for NEMA 6-15R plug (USB-C)
PIVOT POWER Charger for NEMA 6-15R plug (USB-C)

PIVOT POWER Charger for NEMA 6-15R plug (USB-C)

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Our new USB-C Flight Deck Power Modules are undergoing final certification and will be available later this year. You can order now and we will ship once they are in stock. Please Contact us for more information or to obtain a quote.

The PIVOT POWER USB flight deck portable EFB charger allows flight crews to safely charge their Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) and other approved devices in-flight, preventing EFB battery depletion during long-flights, and ensuring the EFB remains operational throughout the flight. It receives power from the aircraft 28VDC bus, rather than the 115VAC/400 Hertz outlet, and minimizes Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and maintains it within regulatory limits (DO-160, section 21, category H) for flight deck use.  The internal DC-DC circuit is 85% efficient converting 28VDC to iPad voltage and supplying 10+ watts of charging power with overload and short circuit current limit control. Each channel also has a supply power thermal fuse and a load (device such as iPad, cable etc...) fuse in the event of cable or battery short circuit. This triple protection provides fail-safe protection from an overload condition before, during and after the USB power conversion.

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  • Portable: Install/Remove in seconds. Easy plug-in/unplug installation and removal.
  • Dual USB-C Receptacles: Charge two USB-C devices at once.
  • Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): By utilizing the 28VDC bus, rather than the 115VAC/400 Hz outlet, EMI is minimized well within regulatory standards for flight deck use. DO-160G EMI Lab Tested.
Tech Specs

Charging Receptacles: USB-C (2)

Aircraft Power Receptacle Interface: 12-36VDC NEMA 6-15R aircraft power receptacle

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +55°C


Aircraft Power Receptacle: 12-36VDC

Device Power Receptacle Interface: USB-C


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