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PIVOT Brochure

PIVOT is about security. Tablet security, protection, yes – but also security from an uncertain future in an ever-changing electronic landscape. PIVOT secures your devices, but it also creates a constant you can count on in the future – no matter what.


Making the Case for Helicopter Flight Crews

A flexible option for limited space. Easily move your EFB from kneeboard to window mount. Designed with helicopter pilots in mind, the patented PIVOT tablet case and universal mounting system creates a high-performance, streamlined solution for all popular EFB devices — perfect for many flight departments, from law enforcement and EMS to corporate and oil and gas.


Are your Pilots “Briefing the window?”

If your EFB mounts are two handed puzzles for your pilots, it is likely that your pilots aren’t briefing each other; they’re opting to avoid removing the EFB and “brief the window.” Choosing convenience over face-to-face interaction during critical procedures and approaches decreases performance and safety. It’s time to STOP briefing the window!


Mobile Device Recovery powered by Mobile reCell

Mobile reCell’s customers realize higher yields and greater employee participation in their mobile device recovery programs. The difference is their automated solution that makes managing devices through their end-of-life more effective, rewarding
and accountable. Their patent pending platform and recovery services make Mobile reCell more comprehensive, integrated and user-friendly. Since our start in 2014, Mobile reCell has earned the trust of leading Fortune 50 companies and other global brands.


PIVOT Power Module – Technical Overview

PIVOT 28VDC Converter Power Plug with dual USB power ports is a highly reliable RTCA DO-160G tested device for providing USB power to cockpit tablet devices during flight.

Certified for cockpit use, the plug provides conditioned power from the 28V DC bus to two USB 2.0 ports which delivers power suitable for tablet device charging while providing surge protection.


PIVOT LUX – Lighting + USB Power

The PIVOT LUX provides a much needed update to the outdated utility lamp of yesteryear. Enter the future with crisp LEDs and USB power. LUX powers EFB devices while providing the same ease of use, flexible articulation and durability users expect from PIVOT cases.

Easy Setup – The LUX EFB charging interface can be installed by avionics technicians during overnight or light scheduled maintenance utilizing the wiring and mounting locations of existing incandescent flight deck utility lamps. The load requirement for the USB port and LED bi-color utility lamp is less than 1 amp at 28V AC/DC.


PIVOT FAA Suitability Letter

In March of 2014, an initial evaluation of the PIVOT, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Universal Mounting Solution was accomplished by specialists from the Seattle Aircraft Evaluation Group. At that time, PIVOT was a new technology for establishing a secure attachment for a portable electronic device to an aircraft for continuous device access.



PIVOT and GNS have become corporate partners and it’s already a great fit. As the distribution agent for all of the GNS power products, we can provide a “one stop shopping” experience for our customers – virtually all of whom need a power solution as well. GNS-PIVOT offer a full array of cockpit power products including USB Plugs for a variety of DC plug configurations and USB to micro USB or Lightning cables – all FAA and EASA approved for cockpit use. If your EFB isn’t charged, it can’t help you!


UL Mount Solutions Technical Overview

PIVOT designed a multi-joint arm with the PIVOT attachment plate for use as a tablet mount in UL sockets. The attachment plate is fully compatible with all current and future PIVOT tablet cases.


PIVOT Case Study – United & Southwest

What began as a suction cup mount has transitioned over the years to include other options for mounting. Most importantly, PIVOT developed the Long-Term Removable Mount (LTRM™) which has permanently changed the industry. The LTRM™ is a patent-pending solution which is custom fit to each aircraft type. With virtually instant installation and indefinite lifespan, airlines opt for this solution as it provides STC mount performance at a fraction of the hardware or labor cost. For those users desiring installed mounts, PIVOT has many options with STC providers under license. The flexibility to choose the level of mounting (suction, LTRM™ or installed STC) is a big part of the PIVOT solutions gains in the market.


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