Due to local USPS delays, please allow up to an additional 2 weeks for delivery of your order if USPS is selected.

Military / Government Purchases


The prices for products available for GSA purchase are available on www.gsaadvantage.gov. Special pre-negotiated pricing is available exclusively through the GSA website. 


Larger purchases are usually completed through government contract on NET 30 terms, but in many cases can still be purchased with the IMPAC card if desired. Maximum charge limits do not apply for GSA purchases with IMPAC cards. For items not on our schedule, these are separately invoiced although they may be shipped together - contact us for special quotes. A sales specialist will provide the required information.


Small or individual unit (squadron level) purchases are usually funded by use of the IMPAC card. IMPAC Purchasers not interested in using the GSA website are encouraged to place orders via flyboys.com. To discuss special circumstances with an order, contact us to speak with a FlyBoys customer service representative.

Government/Military purchases are tax-free. Due to software limitations, the webstore will include tax on sales within the state of Texas. However, the FlyBoys team will recalculate the order total and remove the taxes prior to charging the IMPAC card. This adjustment will be reflected on the invoice when the order ships.