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Queue Jumper

Queue Jumper

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Queue Jumper

The FlyBoys Queue Jumper is available for an additional fee to expedite processing of orders. In a hurry? Add Queue Jumper to your cart now!
Note: Add to your cart ONCE. Adding Queue Jumper to the cart applies to all items in the cart.

Terms and Conditions

  • FlyBoys offers Queue Jumper to customers who need their orders processed immediately.
  • Queue Jumper applies to all items in the customer cart. Certain items are shipped from a third party vendor and are subject to processing delays with or without queue jumper. However, FlyBoys will process all orders with Queue Jumper first.
  • Available for all orders, with or without customization. Queue Jumper will move your order to the front of the line.
  • Orders with custom options selected will be customized ahead of all customized orders that do not include queue jumper. This normally results in same-day production (Mon-Fri, holidays excluded).
  • Normal production timelines will remain the same for customized products. Normally four to seven days or less.
  • If ordering multiple customized items, Queue Jumper must be selected for each customized items to place them at the front of the line for customization.
  • Non-customized orders normally ship the same business day, and will always ship within three business days of ordering.

    Additional restrictions may apply. Please 1-888-4-Fly-Boys (435-9269) or Contact Us for more information.