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Pre-Flight Builder

  • Authentic
  • Customizable
  • Quality
  • If you're looking for an authentic, fully customizable kid sized suit, you have found it. Pre-Flight by FlyBoys is the approved solution! Here's why:
  • Our flight suits make memories in the Squadron, Halloween and Holidays, school pictures, airshows, family photos on the flight line.

    At FlyBoys, our "real" job and passion is to design and make real gear for real pilots. And we're awesome at that! Fly Boys has a world-wide following for our flight gear. Our Pre-Flight line is getting the next generation of pilots and flight crew pointed directly at the cockpits of real aircraft. We fully expect to be outfitting a lot of them with our "real gear" in the years to come.

Just like the real deal, these suits are made to stand up to the wear and tear children can put on clothes. The material is a comfortable and durable 55/45 cotton poly blend. It is recommended for longest life the suits be washed in cold and hang dry. Patches should be removed prior to washing.

  • With Pre-Flight, you pick from hundreds of combinations of name tags, commands, aircraft and other all velcro patches. Fly Boys is literally the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD offering this level of service and quality.
  • Choose our Fly Boys Pre-Flight line for hundreds of combinations of name tags, commands, aircraft and other ALL VELCRO patches. Fly Boys is the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD offering this level of service and quality. By comparison, others use cheap sewn on woven patches, offer no options, and cost more. Stick with Pre-Flight - it's worth it all the way.

    PLEASE NOTE, sizing must be obtained via MEASUREMENTS of your child. Sizing information is available to open in a new Tab: How to take measurements . Most sizing and other questions are answered in the FAQ.

    Sorry, we do not have any flight caps as seen in the pictures


Pre-Flight is designed, manufactured, and finished exclusively by Fly Boys. They are only available ONLINE, at select resellers and AAFES MCSS Stores.

What makes Pre-Flight so good compared to the rest?

1) We don't cut corners on quality OR realism! We know our customers and where they are going to be worn: Squadron events, Halloween, the flight line photos for Christmas cards... It HAS to look right. It HAS to fit well. It HAS to last. Parents want the best. These suits create life long memories for kids and grown-ups alike! You have truly found the best flight suit available anywhere.

2) We offer patch selections to design the suit to YOUR specifications, not the other way around. We manufacture in one color, because that is reality. Not blue, black or orange - with cheap sewn on designs. The ability to pick and choose what service (Air Force, Navy, Army, USMC, and some International versions), which Command and aircraft type your child wants is pretty cool. You choose and have a name embroidered on included.

3) Patches ship FREE by USPS First Class Mail when ordered alone, and don't add to the shipping when ordered with flight suits!

STEP 1 - Choose an Item and Size

Instructions: Chose a flight suit and a jacket. We recommend selecting one of each. Most military aviators have both. Please view our sizing chart here to make sure you are selecting the correct size: How to take measurements

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STEP 2 - Select and Customize Name tags

Instructions: Chose your name tags. Wings are specific to your aviators' speciality. If your little one is a Pilot make sure to choose "Pilot Wings". Most military crew members have 2 name tags (one for their flight suit and one for their flight jacket). It is also very common to have a 3rd "Friday Name Tag", with a funny name. Some of our favorites are "Turd Ferguson" and "Buddy Bear".

*Please remember to put your aviator's name in the comments box on the Cart Page so we can customize the name tag.

STEP 3 - Choose Your Patches

Instructions: Chose your patches. Both the flight suit and flight jacket have a total of 4 patches: Name tag, Command Patch, Speciality Patch and Squadron/Aircraft Patch. The Name tag is positioned on the left chest. The Command patch is positioned on the right chest. The Speciality patch is positioned on the left shoulder. The Squadron/Aircraft patch is positioned on the right shoulder. If your aviator has a flight suit and a flight jacket, remember to get 2 of each patch.

Right Chest

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Left Shoulder

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Right Shoulder

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