PIVOT Utility Light Mount - Extended
PIVOT Utility Light Mount - Extended

PIVOT Utility Light Mount - Extended

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The PIVOT Utility Light Mount - Extended is a longer version of the popular PIVOT Utility Light Mount, featuring a 9-inch arm, and is designed to use the aircraft Utility Map Light attachment, prevalent in military aircraft, for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) mounting. Features the durable PanaVise Double New Hardware Option (NHO) and Map Light Post for connecting to the Utility Map light socket in the aircraft. The PIVOT UL Mount is fully adjustable, providing a wide range of EFB device orientations and viewing angles, while ensuring the EFB remains securely mounted and viewable as required by the FAA and military.

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  • Utility Map Light Attachment: Attaches to the Utility Map Light prevalent in military aircraft.
  • PanaVise NHO: The PanaVise New Hardware Option (NHO) is durable and fully adjustable, ensuring the EFB remains securely connected.
  • Complete Mounting Solution: Includes all hardware necessary to mount a PIVOT case in virtually any aircraft that utilizes a military-standard Utility Map Light.
  • PIVOT Click-Connect: Quickly and securely attaches to any PIVOT case.
Tech Specs


Length: 10.75 in (171.5 mm)

Width (PPK Plate): 2.31 in (58.7 mm)

Height (PPK Plate): 2.31 in (58.7 mm)


13.49 oz (342.7 g)


NHO/UL hardware: Aviation-grade Stainless Steel

PPK-1 Mounting Plate: Impact-resistant polycarbonate/TPU


Aircraft: All aircraft with a military-standard Utility Map Light installed.

Electronic Flight Bags (EFB): All EFBs enclosed in a PIVOT case.

PIVOT Cases: All PIVOT cases, past, present, and future.


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