PIVOT POWER Charger for ML-1R (USB-C)
PIVOT POWER Charger for ML-1R (USB-C)

PIVOT POWER Charger for ML-1R (USB-C)

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The PIVOT POWER USB flight deck portable EFB charger allows flight crews to safely charge their Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) and other approved devices in-flight, preventing EFB battery depletion during long-flights, and ensuring the EFB remains operational throughout the flight. It receives power from the aircraft 28VDC bus, rather than the 115VAC/400 Hertz outlet, and minizes Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and maintains it within regulatory limits (DO-160, section 21, category H) for flight deck use.  The internal DC-DC circuit is 85% efficient converting 28VDC to iPad voltage and supplying 10+ watts of charging power with overload and short circuit current limit control. Each channel also has a supply power thermal fuse and a load (device such as iPad, cable etc...) fuse in the event of cable or battery short circuit. This triple protection provides fail-safe protection from an overload condition before, during and after the USB power conversion.

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  • Portable: Install/Remove in seconds. Easy plug-in/unplug installation and removal.
  • Dual USB-C Receptacles: Charge two USB-C devices at once.
  • Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): By utilizing the 28VDC bus, rather than the 115VAC/400 Hz outlet, EMI is minimized well within regulatory standards for flight deck use. DO-160G EMI Lab Tested.
Tech Specs

Charging Receptacles: USB-C (2)

Aircraft Power Receptacle Interface: 12-36VDC ML-1R (One Pin) locking  power receptacle

Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +55°C


Aircraft Power Receptacle: 12-36VDC, ML-1 (One Pin)

Device Power Receptacle Interface: USB-C


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