FlyBoys Flight Gloves - Touch-Screen Compatible
FlyBoys Flight Gloves - Touch-Screen Compatible
FlyBoys Flight Gloves - Touch-Screen Compatible

FlyBoys Flight Gloves - Touch-Screen Compatible

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FlyBoys Touch-Screen Compatible Flight Gloves are an excellent upgrade to the traditional government-issued gloves and are compatible with touch-screen devices smart devices, which is critical for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) use. Featuring a more tailored fit and the softest sheepskin leather for the fingers and palms for maximum comfort right out of the box. This leather simultaneously thin and durable, greatly improving dexterity, which is critically important for the complex avionics suites and switch laden throttles and stick grips of modern military aircraft. Improved seam construction and double-line seams in high stress areas of the gloves ensure durability in the most demanding operational environments. The highest quality genuine DuPont NOMEX maintains maximum protection from flame and heat.  

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Sizing Information:

When measuring your hands for flight gloves, measure around your knuckles (without your thumb) and record the number of inches. This is your glove size. Example: If you measure 9 Inches, your glove size is 9.

NOTE: Manufactured to meet or exceed MIL-81188C

  • Touch Screen Compatible: Touch Screen Contact Tips on Thumb, Index and Middle Fingers.
  • Comfort: Tailored fit and fine sheepskin leather ensure pilot comfort for countless hours of wear.
  • Safety: Genuine DuPont NOMEX provides protection from flame and heat. Meets or exceeds MIL-81188C standards. Can be washed without losing fire/heat resistant properties.
  • Dexterity: Thin, soft sheepskin leather offers pilots the maximum dexterity that modern cockpits and flight decks demand.
  • Durable: Manufactured from the highest quality genuine DuPont NOMEX, the finest sheepskin leather, with improved double-stiched seam construction, these gloves should offer years of use in the toughest operational environments.
  • Made in the USA.
Tech Specs


Genuine DuPont NOMEX

Fine Sheepskin Leather


Devices: Capacitive Touch-Screen Devices

Sizes: See sizing information under Overview, and sizes available under purchase options.


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