Boeing 747 LTRM™ System

Boeing 747 LTRM™ System

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The PIVOT Boeing 747 Long Term Removable Mount (LTRM™) system is a removable mount that is designed specifically for the Boeing 747 (all variants) and can be installed in the flight-deck indefinitely without additional regulatory certification. It ensures Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) are secure and viewable to the pilots through all phases of flight and preflight operations, while preserving safety of flight by preventing the EFB from becoming a loose and potentially hazardous object in the flight deck. Fully compliant with FAA and EASA standards for airline EFB operations. US Utility Patent awarded. 

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  • Complete Mounting Solution: Includes all hardware necessary to securely mount pilot EFBs on the Boeing 747 Flight Deck. Must purchase two (2) mounts for the CA and FO sides of the flight deck.
  • Quick Installation: Installs and detaches easily in seconds.
  • PIVOT Click-Connect: Quickly and securely attaches to any PIVOT case. Reduces wear-and-tear on the EFB since it eliminates the need to place the device under heavy spring force or edge of the clipboard spring-clip, as typical with basic, open trays.
  • Adjustable Mounting Plate: Supports a wide-range of orientations and viewing angles.
  • Long-term Durability: Manufactured from the highest quality aluminum alloy, and powder-coated for extra durability.
  • FAA/EASA Compliant: Meets and exceeds all FAA and EASA standards for Class 1/Portable EFB Operations.
Tech Specs


Base: Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, powder coated

Mounting Plate: Impact-resistant polycarbonate


Aircraft: Boeing 747 - All variants

Devices: All PIVOT EFB cases, past, present, and future.


Installation and Removal Manual

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