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Better Connection. Better Protection.

FlyBoys created the PIVOT line of products to solve problems faced by every aircrew member who uses an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB): Keeping the EFB tablet device protected and securely mounted. PIVOT equips airlines and the military with EFB-related products, designed by pilots for pilots. As EFB replaced paper charts, maps and other flight-related publications across the aviation industry, pilots and aircraft operators needed a means to access information on tablet devices safely and efficiently. Our universal mount and case system are optimized for the way pilots use their devices.

PIVOT’s patented case-to-mount technology provides any user with a frustration free experience. The simple efficiency PIVOT offers for installation, adjustment, and removal leads to more productive device interactions and a reduced workload. For everyday use, PIVOT is highly functional, extremely durable and best of all does not require any configuration change to resume work in the cockpit. Reduced workload and increased user satisfaction.

With minimal introduction or training, PIVOT easily becomes a common thread within any user group, no matter the number of pilots, fleet size, or geographical complexity. With features like one touch screen adjustability (easy as adjusting a rear-view mirror), single hand installation and removal, and multiple viewing angles available with the removable cover, PIVOT really has thought of it all, through the eyes of a pilot. Better Connection. Better Protection.

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Airlines, Military, Corporate & GA!

PIVOT is a perfect fit for new EFB programs, as well as established EFB users looking to simplify while enhancing effectiveness. Protection comes in many shapes and sizes. For the individual pilot, PIVOT affords the best possible protection from damage. With credentials like Mil-Spec 810G testing, plus connectivity to the aircraft that does not fail, devices will be available for that first flight of the day.

PIVOT offers protection from an ever-changing landscape of devices and form factors. The universal connection between case and mount means that an airline is always free to pick the technology for EFB that suits their needs, not which fits the cradle!

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PIVOT offers protection from an ever-changing landscape of devices and form factors.

- Mike Schulter

PIVOT Evolves as EFB Evolves

The transition to EFB is in its infancy. As of January 2020, many of the world’s airlines and militaries are just beginning the transition to EFB. Many are looking to see what the major airlines are doing and how they do it. Or they are concerned about how to launch an EFB program efficiently. PIVOT answers these questions clearly – as evidenced by the number of airlines, military, and corporate users of all sizes and types who have adopted the PIVOT system since 2013. Each client has seen how PIVOT can be easily deployed, is especially well designed for their EFB users, and has long term viability regardless of the inevitable changes in device types or form factors which lay ahead.

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