PIVOT Security Kit

PIVOT Security Kit

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Today security and privacy is more important than ever. EFB has revolutionized aviation worldwide and brought countless benefits to pilots everywhere. However, security and privacy are potential issues with these devices. Some users, particularly in the military, operate their EFBs in secure/classified environments. The PIVOT Security Kit mitigates security concerns and minimizes the potential for classified information compromised though the device cameras or microphone. However, this product is not just for the military. Anyone who uses an EFB can benefit from the extra security and privacy the PIVOT Security Kit provides. Malware has the potential to compromise a device, granting third parties access to the device cameras and microphone. Furthermore, many devices are managed by Mobile Device Management (MDM), particularly in large companies and in the military, which grants MDM administrators access to all device functions, including the cameras and microphone. For users who demand privacy and protection from any unwanted third parties, the PIVOT Security Kit has them covered. The PIVOT Security Kit includes sliding covers for the front and rear cameras. Open the cover when camera use is desired. Close the cover when it's not. Since the front camera sliding cover does not work with PIVOT MINI cases, the kit includes optional stickers than can be placed over the the front camera. Additionally, the kit includes a microphone blocker that plugs into the microphone opening on PIVOT cases, greatly reducing the amount of sound that the microphone can pick up. Protect your privacy today with the PIVOT Security Kit. At this price, there's no reason not to equip your device.

  • Sliding front and rear camera covers: Cover the camera when privacy is needed. Open the covers to use the cameras.
  • Microphone Blocker: Plug into the microphone opening on the PIVOT case to block sound from the microphone, easily remove it when microphone use is desired.
  • Front camera stickers: For use with PIVOT MINI cases or other applications where the sliding camera cover is not compatible. 
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