PIVOT Security Kit
PIVOT Security Kit
PIVOT Security Kit
PIVOT Security Kit
PIVOT Security Kit
PIVOT Security Kit

PIVOT Security Kit

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Designed to meet the security requirements of the military, the PIVOT Security Kit is now available for anyone who demands security and privacy while using their portable tablet device. Malware has the potential to compromise a device, granting third parties access to the device cameras and microphone. Furthermore, many companies and military organizations remotely manage devices issued to employees and have access to all device functions, including the ability to activate the cameras and microphones without the user's knowledge or permission. If you don't want to worry about who might be watching or listening, the PIVOT Security Kit has you covered.  Sliding Camera Covers easily cover the front and rear cameras when not in use. Optional Security Stickers are included for use with devices/cases incompatible with the Sliding Camera Covers. The Microphone Blocker plugs into the 3.5mm microphone jack (as installed), disabling the microphone when not in use. Protect your privacy today with the PIVOT Security Kit and order now!

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  • Large and Small Sliding Camera Covers: Cover the cameras when privacy is needed. Open the covers to use the cameras.
  • Microphone Blocker: Plug into the 3.5 mm headset jack on the device (as installed) to disable the microphone. Remove it to enable microphone operation.
  • Security Stickers: For use with PIVOT MINI cases or other applications where the Sliding Camera Cover is not compatible. 
Tech Specs

Not available

  • Large Sliding Camera Cover: Compatible with all PIVOT Cases that do NOT use a front frame/bezel (e.g. PIVOT Mini Cases).
  • Rear Camera Sliding Cover compatible with iPad models with a single rear facing camera
  • Security Stickers: All iPad models/PIVOT cases. Designed specifically for PIVOT cases that use a front frame/bezel (e.g., PIVOT Mini cases).
  • Microphone Blocker compatible with any devices that have a 3.5mm headset jack. Depending on the device/case model, installation and removal may require removing the device from the case.



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